What is Aihiki made up of?
Aihiki is a blend of Coconut cream and Whiskey with hints of natural Vanilla and Chocolate. There is no additional flavour's or preservatives.

How do you drink Aihiki?
Aihiki, can be consumed on its own, over ice or in your favourite cocktail. Everyone has a different preference as to how they drink and so we suggest to try them all.

What does Aihiki taste like?
Aihiki is delicious - because every palette is varied Aihiki has been noted to taste different to everyone. On initial palette taste you will get sweetness with whiskey flavour flooding the back of your palette. Depending on your taste buds you may experience stronger Vanilla or stronger Chocolate flavours throughout and leaves a delicious lush after taste.

Where can I purchase Aihiki?
Aihiki is in many independent liquor stores. Please visit our stockists page for your closest store. Alternatively you can purchase Aihiki online

How do I store Aihiki?
Aihiki is best stored between 0-25c away from sunlight. You can also store it in the fridge for a refreshing drink.

What are the best mixes for Aihiki?
Because Aihiki is so versatile there are many mixes and ways it can be used. With coffee, in a cocktail, mixed with pineapple juice, coconut/almond/oat milk these are just a few ways. Head over to our cocktail section where you can find additional ways of using it. Our Instagram @aihikiofficial also has basic cocktails to mix.

What size is the bottle?
We create this in 700ml size bottles

What is the Alcohol percentage?
Alcohol content on Aihiki is 17% - Please drink responsibly

Is it Gluten Free?
Aihiki is plant based, dairy free and vegan friendly - because of our distillation process it is also Gluten Free

Is there animal products in Aihiki?
Aihiki is produced without the use of any animal products.

What is the sugar content in Aihiki?
Aihiki is refined sugar free with 325kcal - no different to a chocolate bar.

How long does shipping take? 
Depending on location please allow 2-5 business days. Express postage is available and generally arrives 1-3 business days. Select express at checkout.

Is this located in Australia?
Aihiki is available in Australia, we have may stockists in different states with updated stockists monthly. You can view these on our stockist page. We do offer Aihiki online for overseas delivery also.

I have not received shipping information, how do I obtain this?
Your order is always shipped with tracking information. Once order is placed you will receive confirmation, once order is fulfilled you will then receive shipping information. If there is a delay in your product please get in contact with the carrier, we generally use Australia Post for shipping. If there are any further issues please contact drink@aihiki.com.au and we will always assist as best as possible.